Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sparkmylane (Art for Cheapskates)

Hi everyone!

We've been a little quiet as of late but for good reason. Firstly one half of us (me, Jo) moved all the way from Sydney to Hanoi. The second reason is that we put on our first art exhibition! After all, there's nothing like leaving the country for an indeterminate amount of time to motivate you.

The art exhibition had the same intention as Sparkapolooza- to give people a reason and a deadline to create art. It also was based on the idea that art is for everyone. The art exhibition was held in a back lane of Newtown, hence the name Sparkmylane (Art for Cheapskates) and all art was for FREE. Yep. Free. Our biggest aspirations for the day were for the people to stumble across all the art and it put a smile on their face!

Thanks to all our contributors (Jay de Leon, Alice Tjitradjaja, Po Hilton, Lily Perthuis, Monika Jansch, Jessica Jean, Greer Cornish, Erin Costigan, Tim & Daphne, Hands On Cheeks Collective, Andrea Dell, Jenny, Janet Stone, Andy Chan & Mags) for their amazing works and everyone who came down on the day. A a special mention to Justin Bellchambers for being a massive help in the lead up too!

The rain held out for us and in the end we have over 30 artworks- all snapped up of course! For more, check out Sparkapolooza on Facebook. *Updated: more photos are also available at Andy's website*

A new brief up tomorrow!


laura tj said...

yay photos are up!! my legs look short but that's ok. because they are short :/

ChaPoul said...

Congrats again for putting up his event :)

SJ said...

damn, i wish i could have made this, looks awesome!

glad the rain held off!