What is Sparkapolooza?
Sparkapolooza is a creative project created in order to fight the creative lethargicness we’ve all been guilty of (except for the very motivated ones of you out there).

We all have creative projects and aspirations in mind, but unfortunately also a lot of excuses.

Sparkapolooza aims to force some creativity out of you with two things- a brief and a 2 week deadline. Why two weeks? Because it’s long enough to think of an idea, but also short enough so you don’t dwell on it too long. We don’t expect perfect pieces- the idea is more doing, less procrastinating!

Who contributes to Sparkapolooza?
Anyone and everyone. Regardless of age, your area of work or school, your background, we encourage you to challenge yourself to create something and submit your work to us. We have professional writers, designs and artists contribute, but also students, bloggers and even someone's mum!

What can I submit to Sparkapolooza?
Any form of art that you can think of - photos, drawings, paintings, illustrations, videos, music, crafts, poems, words, cooking, yoga poses... surprise us! Our briefs are open for any kind of interpretations as long as it's your original idea and creation.

We discourage submissions of existing work that has been used for another purpose, or by chance relates to the brief. For example, a photo that was taken several months before or something you’ve had in your portfolio for a while. We want you to challenge yourself and consider the brief!

Can I submit more than one entry?
A BIG yes! You are more than welcome to submit as many as you want!

Can I submit someone else's work, a friend or relative?
No. You have to be the sole creator of the work.

What format should I use?
For images: either JPG, GIF or PNG file, min 800px width and max file size 2MB.
For words: either copy paste your piece into the email body or word document.
For audio and video: send us embed codes from your provider please as we don't host either
audio or video files on our blog.
Send your work to sparkapolooza@gmail.com with your URL if you would like us to link back to you.

Will all work be published?
Due to the number of varied submissions we receive, for quality reasons not all submissions can be uploaded.

Any other questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us at the same email address sparkapolooza@gmail.com via facebook or twitter.

NOTE: Occasionally we have been interviewed or have had write-ups about the project. By submitting work there is an implied permission to have your worked published by a third party with credit back to Sparkapolooza (for means of promoting the project only). Where possible we will try and have specific credit given.