Saturday, December 08, 2012

Brief 53: Post-it Power

Brief 53: Post-it Power
Deadline: 8th January 2012
Image: Photo by Audrey Kawasaki

This brief is inspired by Giant Robot's current exhibition Post-it Number 8 which involves over 260 artists transforming the humble square into pieces of art. We might not be able to be there but we're joining them in spirit. Whether you're inspired by post-it's or simply use them as your medium you have 1 whole month (think of it as our little Christmas present) to get your works to us!  Our favourite entry will also be sent a special surprise.

E-mail them to the usual address- sparkapolooza at gmail dot com. 


Anita said...

lovely blog.

Latrina said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it. I really like how all the little squares, each different from the others, look great together.

Rachel Urquhart said...

These are gorgeous. I love your blog, such a cool idea!
Hope to jump on a brief soon x