Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maths and Science by Kate Toon

I'm not that good at maths,
my brain don't work that way.
And science is for nerds,
and people who are gay.

I'm pretty good at sports,
and woodwork isn't bad.
But really school is stupid,
the teachers are all sad.

I'd rather have a job,
like Gavin down the street.
he's working for a butcher,
and nicking lots of meat.

He gets to cut up cows,
make sausages and shit.
I reckon I could do that,
I'd be really good at it.

But I've got two more years,
Mum says that I can't go.
I bunk off every day,
She doesn't even know.

With school, it's like, whatever!
Who cares about that stuff?
I'm good at the nintendo.
Isn't that enough?


Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was a bit off, with the 'gay' comment, but now I get that it's written in the style of a teenage. Love it!! Suz x

Angela Bosely said...

I like this, unpretentious funny and clever. Most poetry these days is so OTT and flowery, this is spot on.

Kate Toon said...

Thanks for the kind comments, yes anonymous I was a bit worried about the 'gay' line, but sadly the youths round my way use it all the time!
Lovely to get such positive feedback, very encouraging.

Kate Toon