Sunday, September 05, 2010

It Really Happened (!)
By Jo

I was walking along
and what did I see
I swear on my life
Ten great big circles, right in front of me

There were some big ones floating
and some smaller ones too
there was one who was a hipster
and who had the flu

I yelled 'hey you!'
and they suddenly turned and smiled
then out of nowhere they changed colours
and started going crazy wild

From then I started singing
and got really good at guitar
I got really really hot
and the next thing you know I'm a star!

So next time that you're walking
and you suddenly look up
if you see ten great big circles
Try not to fcuk it up


Kate Toon said...

fantastic and slightly mental poem! Go go Jo!

See Hear Say said...

joeei with the poem yo! hidden talent!