Monday, August 23, 2010

Susie sees little monsters
By Kate Toon

Mum there's two brown monsters in my shoe.
I'm scared mum please tell me what to do.
Mum I saw a monster over there,
With lots of teeth and long red hair.

Mum there's a fat monster by my bed,
With a pink tongue and a big black head.
Mum will that monster eat my feet?
Am I safe if hidden by the sheet?

Susie don't be silly can't you see,
The red haired monster is your sister, Emily.
The fat one that is lurking by the bed
is just your little doggy, furry Fred.

But what about the monsters in my slipper?
They smell bad, like an awful rotten kipper.
Ah I see now what they my little Sue,
Poor Fred has found a brand new place to poo.


See Hear Say said...

this makes me smile! cuteee!

Kate TOon said...

Thanks. A poem about poo always makes me smile x

Ana Jonessy said...

So so adorable..!