Monday, August 16, 2010

A semi acrostic, free form poem or sorts.
By Kate Toon.

Orion’s Alphabet.

A is for Apple.
B is for Bear.
C is for never ending Care.

D is for Dog.
E is for Eggs.
F is for Fabulously chubby legs.

Getting up is a struggle,
Hardly slept all.
I pick you up,
Jiggly and small.

Knew I would
Love you, but
Might find it tough
Negotiating nappies and all that
Other stuff.

P is for Poo.
Q is for Quiet
R is for Really needing to diet.

S is for Stomach.
That will never be slim
U is Understanding
Very little matters but him.

Well I’m struggling to finish
Find an eXit that’s big.
How about: You are
the zag to my Zig.

1 comment :

See Hear Say said...

cute!! great to see you back kate toon!