Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Monsters - a child's Poem.

Little Monsters live in me - sometimes they like to play
They shake me to the bones they do and keep my heart at bay.

I see them in my dreams sometimes i see them in the night.
The make me wake me now and then and give me massive fright.

I take them into work at times - i take them into bed.
I take them with me all the time - they never leave my head.

I see them in her heart sometimes, I see them in her smile
I see them in the mirror most - if only for a while.

I make them vanish when i want when things are going good.
Then other times they make me cry - I'd kill them if i could.

I know they are not real sometimes and only live in me, but
Why the fuck they live at all is something I can't see.

By David Stephen

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